Our Support Strategy

Our experienced Supported Housing Team will assist each individual by focusing on his or her strengths, abilities and aspirations for the future while factoring in each individual's specific needs and wishes in order to develop their individually tailored support plan. Our support plan can include any of the following measures:
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Referral to Specialist Agencies Where Relevant (Such as Social Services, Forward Thinking, Mind, Amira Foundation and Others)
  • Help With Skills Needed to Maintain a Tenancy (Paperwork, Budgeting, Environmental, Health and Safety)
  • Accessing Community Facilities (Education, Training, Employment and Leisure)
  • Support With Personal Care and Self-Confidence
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  • Advice and Planning for the Future
  • Improving Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Money, Budgeting and Debt Management
  • Emotional, Health and Well-Being
  • Developing Social Networks and Healthy Family Ties
  • Social and Community Activities
  • Informal Counselling
  • Health and Safety Advice

Domestic Violence

Women experiencing domestic abuse may apply for supported accommodation at our Flagship West Midlands Women's Refuge in Birmingham. We provide emergency refuge accommodation, floating support and telephone advice to women who have experienced domestic violence. These clearly set out what a woman can expect from her stay and what standards of behavior are expected of women while resident at the refuge.

Some refuges are specifically for women from certain cultural backgrounds, such as Irish or Asian. In our refuges, we are able to offer emotional and practical support so that the victims of violence can start to rebuild their lives. We offer access to safe, temporary accommodation, support, information and advice.

Our specialist women's refuge support worker can give you advice about your situation. Please contact Jan or Noor Jahan at 07865 078 712.

Supporting Refugees

Thousands of people are fleeing conflict or disaster to seek safety in Europe. They are in danger of disease, violence and exploitation and urgently need our help. Families have been forced to abandon their home, making painful and difficult decisions to leave everything they have and everyone they know.

Many refugees are travelling alone and risking their lives in search of safety. Their lives have been turned upside down.

So many people have lost their loved ones, their homes and their schools. The journey is treacherous, and even women and children are exposed to the harsh elements as well as to violence, abuse and exploitation.

Refugees and migrants in Europe need immediate support. They need a safe space to eat, learn, sleep and get the protection, care and support they need. We at West Midlands Housing believe that supporting and empowering refugees is the best way to integrate them into our society.


Being homeless is part of our society, and there is no reason why someone can live without a home.

West Midlands Housing Limited can deliver units of supported housing to help vulnerable people live independently. In fact, we work closely with statutory, private and voluntary sector partners to ensure individuals are able to gain the skills they need to move on to independent living. A safe and secure accommodation is often the first step on that journey.

Our specialist team supports homeless individuals on their journey towards independence from day one regardless of their ethnicity, faith, age or gender. We believe that providing homeless people with safe housing, training, and employment is the only long-term solution to homelessness.


Mental Health Services

Mental health issues are increasing and may affect anyone. It could be anything, from mild anxiety to more serious mental health conditions.

We provide a wide range of services to help those who manage mental health issues with dignity and respect. Our Floating Support is mainly for individuals who only require minimal to low levels of support. We are committed to improving their quality of lives by helping them with their mental health issues.